Friday, March 11, 2005

Neo-Irish Musician

Most probably the best musician with our name is the transplant English-to-Irish composer. He has numerous classical-style CDs, many with brass.

You can listen to clips from, The Brass Music of Michael Ball CD. Six different selections offer 30 to 40 second samples.

An detailed site includes a biography, a few highlights of which follow:
Michael Ball...born in Manchester...studied at the Royal College of Music in London...masterclasses with Nadia Boulanger...many major commissions, including five for the BBC...contributed substantially to the repertoire for wind and brass...lived in Dublin since 1992.
It also quotes him as saying, 'I believe that the composer has an implicit duty to serve the society he or she lives in by providing well-crafted music which is both grateful and stimulating to play or sing and hopefully uplifting to the imagination and the spirit, both for the player(s) and the listener. In short, my concern is to be useful and to communicate.'

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