Thursday, March 02, 2006

This Just in From Ottawa...

As the Russians used to call a neighbor droog po droog (friend of a friend), a chum of the Ottawa cajun-style musician put me in touch. Now I'm waiting for a CD.

David Scrimshaw drew Michael Ball in mid fiddling. He then responded to my post with the Website for Ball and Chain, Jody Benjamin and Michael's group's URL.

In turn, I whinged to him that they seem to make no effort to sell their CDs on the site or link to anyone who does. I tried my usual suspects, like Amazon,, Djanos and so forth. To shut me up, David said he'd relay my request to Michael.

Sure enough, today I got a note from him including:
I hear from a friend of mine, David, here in Ottawa that this guy Michael Ball wants to buy one of our CD's. Well Hallelujah!! There's probably millions of us Michael Balls, well dozens at least, all over this continent. Any way, either contact us and we'll send you one in exchange for a checque for 22.00 or go to and do a search for Ball and Chain and the Wreckers. The album title is "Live at the Bayou". At cdbaby you can use your credit card and you can read the blurb and listen to some samples if you like.
Well, impatient sort that I am, I clicked on over to CD Baby and ordered. The idea of two-way snail mail, check/cheque and so forth is so 20th Century.

I have CDs of the Engligh musical singer, the classical composer and so forth. This will be my first namesake cajun/country.

A review will surely follow.