Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Knowledgeable Mike

Michael K. Ball was marketing VP for SER Solutions, Inc., where he wrote a couple of knowledge-management pieces. He's now director of product marketing at EMC's LEGATO software. His more recent article is on business process management.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

High/Low Brow

One of us wrote a scholarly work targeted at research libraries. Professional Wrestling As Ritual Drama in American Pop Culture by Michael R. Ball is, according to the publisher, the definitive text that "analyzes the phenomenon of American professional wrestling in light of the critical dramaturgy of Erving Goffman, Victor Turner, and the recent works of Mary Jo Deegan, (and) stands alone in offering scholarly explanation and sociological insight..." for the subject.

It is available through the major online bookstores or the publisher. Key IDs are ISBN: 0-88946-112-0, 200 pages, printed in 1990, list $99.95. Edwin Mellen Press has offices in Lewiston, New York and Ceredigion, Wales.

The single reviewer on Amazon was somewhat unkind, calling it "unintentionally funny." He does admire this Michael Ball's scholarship, just claiming the book is outdated.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Organ Organ All the Time

The Torbay Police Choir Director of Music is also the organist at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Torquay. This is in Southwest England, in Devon.

We had a very pleasant exchange about church organs today, he as a professional and I just as an appreciator. His church's is over a century old and has quite a history. My church's is recently restored and is in top form.

Lackaday, my musical ability, beyond choosing and enjoying all manner, was playing nose flute and blowing across the necks of bottles in a jug band. I did sing to my kids before they were old enough to know bad from tuneful. I am in the moaning and mumbling masses during church services.

This Michael Ball though has a history of musical ability and accomplishment back to puberty. I suppose we need many more in the audience than on stage, eh?

Sunday, December 12, 2004


There's broadband in the breakfast room at the B&B run by Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ball in the West Midlands, England. Guests can use it free. So this is a B&B&B now.

This Michael sent a nice email. In addition to updating his features, he noted that he had a brief contact with the singer by our name. A decade ago, he wrote asking whether that was his real name. The singer's agent sent a signed photo with the inscription "To Michael and Carolyn. The name is my real name. Love and best wishes Michael Ball" to them. The singer has never visited the inn that bears the name.

Our B&B&B host added that due to the singer's popularity, folk regularly ask him whether he sings. He'd like a pound for every time he's heard that one.

Lab Geeks

In Victoria, British Columbia, Michael Ball is the relatively new (September 2004) CEO of Genologics. The company is a scientific/medical laboratory information management system vendor, which specializes in proteomics. The company partners with IBM and the Genome British Columbia Proteomics Centre, which is 20 years old. Privately held Genologics' main product is ProteusLIMS, which aims to streamline drug development and marketing.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Singing to the Cops

In Torbay, England, Mike Ball is musical director of the Torbay Police Choir. They perform about 10 concerts a year and give the money to charities.

He started playing organ at 10, performed for a full church service at 12, and continued with his music while he earned his living as marine electronics and mechanical engineer. He played in pubs and at parties. Nearly 20 years ago, he turned to directing church choir and music professionally. He has been president of the Torbay and District Organists’ Association.

He looks like a classic Mike Ball.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Heartland Humor

Just west of Detroit, Mike Ball writes humor books and articles in Whitmore Lake, Michigan, an undistinguished, unincorporated town.

He posts samples on his site, including suggestions for the downsized, such as join the bowling league or grow a mullet (I guess those aren't mutually exclusive).