Friday, March 04, 2005

Look-Before-Leaping Book

We don't know much about his own career, but Michael Ball has a very usable Website pitching his career book and consulting services. The angle is that well-educated young neo-professionals jumping into careers often blow it.

His $16 book, @entry level, will help you make the right decisions in the early stages, claims the author. There is a six-page first chapter online. Unfortunately, it is too general to give you a sense of how savvy he is. He does not include the table of contents.

His not-really-a-bio on the site says he survived cancer at 21, which made him rethink priorities. That's some motivation, but not quite the credentials one might expect. However, if the book is as useful as the site, it should be worth the price.

Good looking book...nice looking guy...well designed and attractive Website.

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