Thursday, March 24, 2005

Milky Way Memories

And writing of a lewd Mike Ball, I recalled my own short-lived porn connection. Decades ago, I did some free-lance photography and I think a little writing for Milky Way Productions, Al Goldstein's publishing shop. They turned out such subtle classics as Screw, Smut, Gay and Bitch.

Somewhere, I think I still have a partial notepad that reads something like "From another horny friend at Screw."

Anyway, Al was a sweet guy. He also was a proto-geek, who loved technology. He ran a fun newsletter Gadget.

He said he liked my byline because of my last name, that it was a natural for his business. His managing editor was Heidi Handman, also her real name. It looks like she got her MD and is an osteopath, by way of going from Milky Way to senior editor of Penthouse. She was also the co-author of The Sex Handbook, Information and Help for Minors, Putnam, 1974.

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