Friday, February 08, 2008

Mitt's Transient Honor

On the eve of Super Tuesday, 2008, our guy in Alabama joined the Leadership Team for Willard Mitt Romney. According to the Maritime Sentry blog, Mike led the state leadership group.

The blog reported:

Boston, MA – Today Governor Mitt Romney announced that several new Republican leaders in Alabama have joined his state Leadership Team. With Alabama's primary tomorrow, these Republican leaders will help mobilize Governor Romney's grassroots support in the state.

Announcing that these new Alabama leaders will be joining Romney for President, Romney Alabama Chairman Kay Ivey said, "Throughout this past year, our campaign in Alabama has grown steadily and is ready to mobilize Governor Romney's grassroots organization for tomorrow's primary. Today's announcement is yet another indication of the support Governor Romney enjoys in the state. We are all proud to be campaigning for his message of conservative change in a Washington that is fundamentally broken."

The Alabama Leadership Team Members:

- State Rep. Mike Ball
- State Rep. Chad Fincher
- State Rep. Barry Mask
- State Rep. Pat Moore
- State Rep. Elwyn Thomas
- State Board of Education Member David Byers
- Judge Kelli Wise
- Montgomery City Councilwoman Martha Roby
- Vestavia Hills Mayor Scottie McCollum
- Randy and Kelly Owens
- Bob and June Russell
Of course, a few days after the massive set of primaries and caucuses, Romney abandoned his race. Mike remains high profile in Alabama Republican politics.

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