Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Below the Belt

I didn’t know one of us had insinuated himself in Pantygate. An article about nitwits selling thong underwear for kids includes a reprise of the teacher chaperoning a school dance who publicly checked girls for their type of underpants before they went on the dancefloor.
Rita Wilson is on administrative leave while her “thong check” is being investigated. Some parents are demanding she be fired over the incident. Wilson told the Associated Press that if she had it to do over again, she would have refused to supervise the dance.

Meanwhile, 35 teachers at Rancho Bernardo High expressed support for Wilson. They are being led by English teacher Michael Ball, who told The San Diego Union Tribune, “Maybe she [Wilson] went over the line, but she was the only one doing anything.”
According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Mr. Ball wrote a letter of support and gathered signatures from 35 teachers on it.

Mr. Ball is a bit of a mystery man. His picture is missing from the high-school English department display. Assuming that it is the same Michael Ball, his coach’s profile is also the only one not in the Sunwest Volleyball site for the 2003. There is a Whitney Ball on the team with a class of 2004. IF she is related, maybe she graduated and he stopped coaching.

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