Thursday, August 17, 2006

Outrunning the Sun

By an odd twist, we just discovered that the former chief scientist at Sun Microsystems works for Microsoft now. After 13 years there, he describes his new spot in his last Sun blog post.

His last day was July 28th and "I'm going to be working for MicroSoft at a new group aimed at multi-threading tools and compilers, possibly moving to low-end HPC." That would be high-performance computing.

The Sun post has a link to his personal blog.

In a small bit of conincidence, I have been contracting for a company in Boston that Microsoft recently acquired. Our mail system just began forwarding to Microsoft addresses as well. So, that Michael Ball got my email as well as his own. When I looked him up, I see that he is the same fellow I had mentioned and with whom I had brief email correspondence. That is not a belive-it-or-not moment, but with an eyebrow raise.

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