Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Inventive Fellows

Several Michael Balls have U.S. patents as well as the Short Stack cited here. From when full-text files start in the database from 1976, you can search by inventor.

The fellow from Micron has:

6,283,358Recessed tape and method for forming a BGA (Ball Grid Array) assembly (or soldering)09/04/01
6,186,392System for forming contacts on a semiconductor component by aligning and attaching ferromagnetic balls02/13/01
5,888,549Method and system for forming contacts on a semiconductor component by aligning and attaching ferromagnetic balls03/30/99>

Michael G. Ball, apparently for Westinghouse Electric Co., shares 6,426,564, Method of retrofitting a reactor pressure vessel head assembly, with two other inventors. This patent’s date is 07/30/02.

Michael Ball from Halstenbek, Germany (DE), shares with five others the patent 5,652,841, Coffee and process for the production thereof, 07/29/97. They assign it to Code Kaffee-Handelsges, mbH (DE). This increases the amount of chlorogenic acid in both roasted and instant coffee. He also shares with four others the related 326488, Process for separating and producing chlorogenic acid, 03/20/89.

A very busy Professor Michael O. Ball at the University of Maryland’s James Clark School of Engineering’s Institute of Systems Research consults with numerous companies.

He shares multiple patents, including:
5,426,674Method and apparatus for aggregating terminals into clusters to assist in the construction of a distributed data communication network06/20/95
5,404,451Method and computer system for selecting and evaluating data routes and arranging a distributed data communication network04/04/95
5,253,161System for identifying candidate link, determining underutilized link, evaluating addition of candidate link and removing of underutilized link to reduce network cost10/12/93
5,216,591Method for routing data in a near-optimal manner in a distributed data communications network06/01/93
5,079,760Method for efficient distributed data communications network backbone node location01/07/92
4,872,987 Method for efficient distributed data communications network access network configuration 10/10/89

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