Monday, January 10, 2005

Chilly Cajun

Michael Ball (fiddle) and Jody Benjamin (guitar) are Ottawa-based Ball and Chain. They play Cajun music. You can listen to or download six samples from their two CDs.

They give dance lessons as part of the performance. They come as the duo or as Ball and Chain and the Wreckers add Wayne Ford-Robicheau (drums), Don Evans (bass) and Daniel Artuso (pedal steel and electric guitars).

About the newer CD:

We had a great time recording this CD right at home! It took 5 days between January 6th and 13th with Ross set up in the TV room and Michael and I in the microphone forest that was our living room. Michael made sure we had lots of good comfort food so we sang with our house filled with the aroma of stew, roast, and pie.

By the bye, I don't see any way to purchase their apparently self-released CDs if you like their music. They aren't on Amazon or GEMM. Maybe you need to send them email or go to one of their performances.

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