Friday, May 27, 2005

Heavy Metal Mike

I confess that I haven't coughed up $10 for a heavy-metal music video. If you are interested, you can get one from Mike Ball, a.k.a. Iron Mike.

For example, on concert video #10, you get footage and likely powerful sound of:
  • Snot -Stupid
  • Korn - Clown
  • Nin - Wish - Perfect Drug
  • Fear Factory - Resurrection
  • Megadeth - Almost Honest
  • Anthrax - Inside Out
  • Unsane - Sick
  • Second Coming - Soft
  • Iron Maiden - The Trooper
  • Bruce Dickinson - The Tower
  • Drain STH - I Don't Mind
  • Metallica - One
In his About me section, we learn that 39-year-old Iron Mike describes himself as:
Workin my ass off all the time and having fun on the weekends. Playing pool and drinking Capt. Morgans at the Osprey. I'm a single father with a career and a house. I like sharing music and entertaining people. I like a crowd and being part of a group. When I make someone's day that really makes me happy. Of course besides that I like a live thrashing band and watching the pit.

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