Sunday, February 20, 2005

Spook Book

In the they-don't-want-you-to-know class, J. Michael Ball, L.L.I. (probably licensed legal investigator/private eye) is author of Where's What!. The $35 book has the subtitle Investigative Information Sources and tagline "City-County-State And Federal Records Sources--Financial-Private And Directory Sources-Including All Those Little Known Sources Of Information You Didn't Even Know Existed"

The promo material includes:
Unlike most source books that merely list the name and address of the public record, this book hands you both public and private sources of information you can use, tells you what can be gleaned from the information and covers how to go about accessing the information in a legal, "court-admissible" and correct manner. You'll use the Source Encyclopedia over and over in all of your investigations as you discover new information sources you likely didn't even know existed. Develop sources you can tap into in your investigations that you are likely missing which will enhance your investigations.
The 100-page, 8.5x11-inch how-to is from Thomas Investigative Publications.

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