Friday, February 11, 2005

No in Norfolk

In Virginia, Michael Ball came up short in his political campaign in Norfolk. In December 2004, he went for the special election to fill the vacant 87th District House of Delegates seat.

He's a Republican and chairs the GOP's second district in the state. He went against Democrat Paula Miller. She's a political novice but squeaked out a victory over our namesake.

He is an independent financial planner and 2nd District GOP chair. He is on the on the Norfolk State University Board of Visitors and the Norfolk Commission on the Arts and Humanities. He helped formulate criminal justice policy as a former member of the State Crime Commission. His four-year board term at the university expires in June. There, he is on the executive, building and grounds, and research and technology, and government relations (ad hoc) committees.

She had been a TV reporter, who became the flack (director of public information operations) for the Virginia Beach Sheriff. The local Hampton Roads newspaper article on the pending election stated Miller "is still completing a crash course in key aspects of state governance." It added, "When it comes to social issues, Miller and Ball share a similar philosophy. They oppose abortion in almost every circumstance, believe in the death penalty and oppose gay marriage."

Following the election, the unofficial count was a victory for Miller of 92 votes out of 7,623.

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