Thursday, July 29, 2004

Touching Mikes

I really didn't want at first. After all, I'm a Mike. My eponymous site should be the diver's.

However, a few days after setting up the domain, I started getting mail for the singer and then for various folk in his company. This or that interview was in the works, for example. These quick, intimate peaks into his professional life were funny, like the flash into the living room when the train passes by the windows.

He has fan clubs and fan Web sites in England, Scandinavia, Japan and probably elsewhere. It's no more surprising that a tingling teen would send mail to without bothering to visit the site, than that some second grader would write to Santa at the North Pole. Either is as effective communication as the other.

On the other hand, I do notify the fan or flack or whomever to try him or the minion at One would think that the PR and scheduling types in England would think, but not all of them do.

It's probably time to send him some email and let him know that I link to his site, among other Michael and Mike Balls. I wonder whether he has identity with the name or would have a lackey screen out such notes.

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