Sunday, August 01, 2004

One Sharp Michael

A couple of months ago when my company included me in a layoff, I finally began populating the public side of my eponymous Website instead of just using it for messages and ftp. Shortly after, the German sculptor with our fabulous name contacted me. I had links on the home page to the singer, to the diver, and to the sculptor. I have the stereotypical writer's disease of poor self-promotion and figured that most folk would be seeking those Michael Balls.

The sculptor and I have exchanged emails several times. I learned that summer in Munich requires an umbrella at all times. I also learned with a clever artist he is. I strongly recommend his site to get a sense of his metals, his ceramics, and his drawings. He clearly has great fun with his art.

As a reward to linking to him, he sent me a miniature of one of his bronzes. I snapped a so-so quality image of it. It deserves better. I'll scrounge in the basement and find my studio lighting, which I have somewhere down there. When I make a better image, I'll post that. Meanwhile, get a feel for the fun of it all.

Most of his pieces are large and heavy, and so he hasn't had a U.S. show yet. His site has images of many of his best though.


BostonEyes said...

I really enjoyed reading all these posts, Mr. Ball. Will you marry me?

Mass Marrier said...

Oh, my, which Michael Ball is that directed to in the post? My wife probably wouldn't appreciate the invitation. See "Waltzing with the Pig," July 30,

Thanks though.