Wednesday, July 28, 2004

He Has My Name!

While family and friends have nicknames for me, to virtually everyone I've known I'm Mike Ball. Because I met Tom, John, Steve, Mike, Bob and Bill Balls, I figured five years ago that I might grab before someone else.

Well, down by the Great Barrier Reef, another Michael Ball was ahead of me. When Network Solutions reported the domain was not available, I did a whois to find out the owner and then checked the site to see what sort.

It's pretty impressive.

He runs diving expeditions and SCUBA certification down under from Queensland and Papua. The site with OUR name has exotic diving pix, Australian and New Guinea weather, interactive maps and reef reports as well as promos for his business.

There are some super coral and fish photos in colors that never appear in New England waters unless someone has tossed their postprandial lobster shells overboard. Check out the view at:

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