Friday, March 02, 2007

Who's Calling My Name?

I listened to Mike Ball on New Hampshire AM radio this morning. I'm not close enough for the signal, but the stream worked fine on the WSMN's site. In a week or so, the podcasts of the two hours should be up for listening.

Several of his fans called in. Of course, it was talk radio, so they had comments and questions. However, they also greeted him personally. Typical was Bob saying, "Nice to hear you on the radio again."

When they asked him if it was true that he would sign on to a local radio station soon, he replied, "You never know. You gotta keep your options open."

We also learned that while he was in Florida, he got a realty license.

Personally, I found it disconcerting to hear callers say his name repeatedly. I involuntarily looked up. Aren't I Mike Ball?

By the bye, while our politics are divergent, I find him enjoyable to hear. He has a nice tone and delivery. He's calm and not at all strident or catty like so many conservative talk show hosts. He doesn't say things just to get a rise out of people.

Good on him.

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