Monday, September 20, 2004

And yet more...

A few more of us have appeared on screen:
  • Mike Ball, 10th district, Alabama State Representative and a retired state trooper. Legislative bio.
  • Michael Ball, Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer in the Developer Environments and Tools department. Sun lists him as "principal author of the first non-AT&T C++ compiler."
  • Dr. Michael A. Ball, mathematical biologist and researcher in superplayer coalitions in game theory. He on the University of Liverpool (England) Applied Mathematics Staff. His interests include Buddhism, Quakerism and country dancing and calling. His Liverpool CV.
  • Mike Ball, British writer, who humbly reports to the BBC, "Rarely do I see a penny but cherish high hopes for my first novel." Sample writings.
  • Michael Ball, still in England, another Liverpuddlian is a defender on the Glasgow Rangers soccer team. Picture and stats.
  • Michael Ball, the TV and movie actor, with a palisade of hair and long credits list (Beverly Hills 90210, Odd Couple II and Chat Room, for example. He reports that he is two-time national (Belgium) judo champ. Résumé and picture.

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