Friday, December 30, 2005

I Want a Yard Sign

Michael Ball campaign yard signThe Virginia politician with our name barely lost his legislative race. For a Republican, he has pretty smart and pretty humane politics. In fact, his real problem in the contest may have been that he and the Democrat had platforms that were too similar.

At least for the present, his site is still available.

Is is complete with pictures. He's a good-looking guy, but then again, he is a Michael Ball.

There's a bio and four position papers and an endorsement in PDF.

While he is more conservative than some of us, he does seem in tune with his state. In his campaign, he promised to:
  • Roll back the real estate tax rate and cap property taxes
  • Ensure quality teachers by requiring them to pass competency tests in the subjects they teach our children
  • Pass a law requiring all future tax increases to be approved by the people in a voter referendum
  • Require an independent audit of the state budget to make sure tax dollars are spent efficiently and to cut waste wherever it is found

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