Friday, November 25, 2005

Granite Mike?

Where is Mike Ball, the New Hampshire radio talker?

Several emails have asked what happened to him. After he disappeared from WGIR, no one locally seems to know where he went, but many seem to miss him.

Over at Wizbang! we find, in part, the lament:
I wrote before about Charlie Sherman, the failed TV sportscaster who now fancies himself a talk-show host. In order to accomodate Sherm, the local radio show dumped an excellent guy named Mike Ball and let Sherm in to stink up the place.

Sherm knows he stinks. That's probably why they don't take phone calls from listeners. When a talk show doesn't take callers, they're either too egotistical to think that anyone else could contribute anything of value or too frightened that the callers will show them for the chumps they are. In Sherm's case, it's probably both.

If you know where this MB went, pass it along.


Anonymous said...

I miss Mike and Maureen so much! I hope Mike finds another place on radio, he's hilarious. I wish I knew where he was too.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, this is Mike Ball.
I have been down in my hometown of Orlando working with my brother's commercial real estate business and for my father's construction company (Hey, I know it's not sexy like my radio show but it pays the mortgage) I appreciate the interest in my whereabouts. It appears that the current management (sic) of WGIR is intent on continuing the "Charlie Sherman Radio Extravaganza - NOW with NO PHONE CALLS for your protection !" I "interviewed" with the GM after Dan Pierce quit and all they wanted from me was some ideas they could use to improve the station (ie., now the network news is FoxNews Radio instead of CNN - a change I campaigned for for 2 and 1/2 years). I miss my show terribly and I especially miss the interaction with the listeners. But, I'm making 3 times what I was making at WGIR (but I have to admit I don't enjoy it nearly as much). If you would like to get ahold of me you can contact me at