Monday, June 06, 2005

Risible Surnames

There is a masochist's pride in a funny last name, specifically Ball. Several other with our name have noted in emails that they too belong to the club. It may be like a dueling scar having had to suffer thousands of jibes.

I confess I have only a little sympathy with the Shoemaker or Fuchs who decry what they endured. It is small beer to have a name with such a limited set of puns and insults.

A linguist told me that Ball is likely the worst in the English language. The humor set includes:
  • any sport with a ball
  • coitus
  • dances
  • clich├ęs, such as on the ball, have a ball, and behind the eight ball
  • testicles
  • hair balls
  • sour balls
  • wrecking balls
  • tea balls
  • and even bullets.
Ball is a noun and a verb in far too many formats and contexts.

I honestly had a slim hope that my linguist chum knew or could think of another funnier name. Not yet.

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