Monday, December 13, 2004

Organ Organ All the Time

The Torbay Police Choir Director of Music is also the organist at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Torquay. This is in Southwest England, in Devon.

We had a very pleasant exchange about church organs today, he as a professional and I just as an appreciator. His church's is over a century old and has quite a history. My church's is recently restored and is in top form.

Lackaday, my musical ability, beyond choosing and enjoying all manner, was playing nose flute and blowing across the necks of bottles in a jug band. I did sing to my kids before they were old enough to know bad from tuneful. I am in the moaning and mumbling masses during church services.

This Michael Ball though has a history of musical ability and accomplishment back to puberty. I suppose we need many more in the audience than on stage, eh?

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Anonymous said...

These Michael Balls could make up nearly a whole community. Together so far they cover singing, cooking, playing organs, keeping the peace, running companies, flying little photo-planes, scuba-diving, writing fine essays, writing funny essays, marrying Massachusetts couples, and researching marriage laws. I know only one of the Michael Balls, so I find myself thinking that perhaps all the others are manifestations of different aspects of his personality.

I'm not really anonymous. I just don't know where I recorded my blogging creds and don't want to wait to find them. I'll paste them in later. Just call me Boston Eye.